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Be Careful Of What Goes Into The Septic Tank

Don’t put anything down the drain that is not designed to be. Make sure that anything that goes in the toilet will not clog any part of the septic system. Try not to use large amounts of chemicals that are consider toxic, or poisonous. Labels can help key you into the potential toxicity of various products. The word “Danger” or “Poison” on a label indicates that the product is highly hazardous. “Warning” tells you the product is moderately hazardous. “Caution” means the product is slightly hazardous. (“Nontoxic” and “Septic Safe” are terms created by advertisers to sell products.)

Septic Tank Repair & Maintenance

The only difference between the two is a little know how. Having your septic tank pumped every three to five years is only the first step to keeping your septic tank healthy.

There are a few important factors in proper septic tank maintenance that you as the homeowner can do to keep your septic system flowing properly.

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